Fazer Brainhow: Researching our way to improve cognitive well-being


Fazer Brainhow: Researching our way to improve cognitive well-being

You might be wondering why Fazer is actively participating in health and well-being events – what is actually our take on health and well-being in the up-coming Upgraded Life Festival this spring?

We believe that our brains deserve just as much attention as our bodies.

In today’s increasingly digital world the pressures of urban living and the constant influx of information are felt in our minds. Concerns over memory loss or mental dysfunction have become one of the main health concerns on both individual and societal levels. Our days have become sequences of micro moments and multi-tasking, putting strain on our brain. All of us, from child to senior, need to deal with this growing amount of information and experiences, making everyday well-being more and more dependent on our cognitive capabilities.

In our research and development programme Fazer Brainhow, we aim to create a science-based understanding on the impact of nutrition, sleep, and mental and physical exercise on our cognitive performance and well-being – taking a holistic approach to brain health. We explore the world of cognition and build understanding by engaging in research collaborations and creating new product and service innovations with partners around us. For example, we will carry out two clinical research studies together with our ecosystem partners this year. In addition, we have been collaborating with various research experts in the fields of brain imaging, children’s nutrition and links between sleep and nutrition, to name a few.

We acknowledge the importance of science-based knowledge building in Fazer and are currently strengthening our research team with experienced scientists. We do not work behind closed doors, but rather wish to act as an interface to the outside research world – exchanging and generating new knowledge to create innovations.

In constant interaction with research findings, we are also quickly prototyping new product and service concepts with start-ups and other players in the field. As an example, we collaborated with a Finnish start-up Diske in fall 2016. We actually met with them for the first time in ULF last year and then again in Vertical accelerator. In the successful collaboration, we developed an analytics tool prototype based on Diske’s expertise in interactive health data visualisation. As we at Fazer are present in all Nordic countries, we are now interested in meeting experts from all across the Nordic at ULF this year.

Are you also excited about cognitive well-being? Join us on a mission to inspire the brain at our stand in Upgraded Life Festival! We look forward to joining Nordics largest health start-up and innovations event.

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