SingularityU Nordic Summit 2019

Over two epic days at the SingularityU Nordic Summit 2019 at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki, Finland, you will deep dive into the future of Quantum Computing, Neuroscience, Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Ethics, Digital Biology, Blockchain Technologies, Governance, Diversity, Impact Leadership, Innovation in Legacy Organizations and much, much more.

The Nordics are in a unique position to take lead and be a role model for the world. If we combine the Nordics’ proud history of building community, trust, and inclusion with the best from exponential technology’s incredible innovation and scalability potentials, then the Nordics can RE:think the future for the world.

Join 1,000+ leaders and change makers at the SingularityU Nordic Summit in Helsinki and explore how to RE:think exponential technology and impact leadership for 10x business.

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May 27 2019 - May 28 2019


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