Smart solutions for clinical applications: Flanders-Nordics matchmaking

“Smart solutions for clinical applications: Flanders-Nordics matchmaking” is an event organized by Flanders Investment & Trade and Upgraded – Association of Finnish Health Startups, and co-hosted by Oyster Venture Partners.

The goal of the event is to give an overview of novel solutions of clinical research and development and ways of market´s adaptation towards the restrictions and challenges caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. This provides a possibility for various stakeholders in the area to collaborate with each other and build connections across borders. We invite companies from the full Digital Health landscape to connect and discover new opportunities of collaboration across the different regions.

Event’s date and time: 23rd of September 2021, from 10 to 13.00 (Finnish time)

Flanders, the northern, Dutch-speaking region of Belgium, is home to one of Europe’s most innovative life-sciences ecosystems. The Government of Flanders aims to strengthen the relations with the Nordic countries and as part of this strategy a Technology & Science Counselor, Maarten Lambert, has been appointed to help build connections between the Nordic and Flemish health tech ecosystems.

Flanders Investment & Trade has partnered with Upgraded to help build bridges between the Nordic and Flemish regions. Last year a dozen of companies from Belgium were brought to the Finnish online HealthTech event, Health100, pitching their solutions to the Finnish audience. Now we want to enhance the collaboration, and emphasize one of the biggest challenges in the development of new Life Science solutions, and the new possibilities that arose after the lockdown.

Digital monitoring devices are driving innovation in healthcare. In the early months of the pandemic, COVID-19 interrupted hundreds of clinical trials as lockdowns caused test sites to close in order to prioritize the health of trial participants and staff. The lockdowns that occurred around the world had a profound impact on the clinical trial process – participants were not able to continue; trial protocols and data collection were adversely impacted; research deadlines and milestones were missed – and pharmaceutical companies and industry partners worked quickly to seek alternate approaches and considerations to traditional clinical trials. In some instances, this resulted in remote or hybrid trial situations, where applicable by trial type. The pandemic was a game-changer for vaccine research and development.

Virtual trial efforts offer benefits and efficiencies that can help to streamline the research process, lower costs and bring new drugs to market quicker. Pharmaceutical companies continue to seek new and innovative ways to improve the data collection process to ensure the validity, reliability and efficacy of data from subjects in virtual trials. That’s where innovations in health technology and wearables have become increasingly relevant. A new generation of devices using sensors embedded in watches and other wearables enable trial subjects to record symptoms and vital signs and remotely relay the data to researchers – ensuring real-time access to data and a better patient experience.

Big Data and AI technologies are complimentary as AI can help to synthesize and analyze ever-expanding data. AI-powered capabilities, including data integration and interpretation, pattern recognition and evolutionary modelling, are essential to gather, normalize, analyses and harness the growing masses of data that fuel modern therapy development. AI and advanced analytics are being viewed as the digital technology with the most potential to improve clinical R&D productivity. AI has many potential applications in clinical trials both near- and long-term. AI technologies make possible innovations that are fundamental for transforming clinical trials, such as seamlessly combining phase I and II of clinical trials, developing novel patient-centered endpoints, and collecting and analyzing Real World Data.




Brussels Time Helsinki Time Agenda Speaker
09:00 10:00 Welcome and agenda
09:05 10:05 A regional perspective
09:05 10:05 FIT Maarten Lambert, Science & Technology Counselor
09:10 10:10 Upgraded Inga Chernova, Director
09:15 10:15
The Flanders Ecosystem and Investment Landscape
09:15 10:15 Blue Health Innovation Center Tom Braekeleirs, CEO
09:25 10:25 Capricorn Partners
Antoine D’Hollander, Investment Manager
09:35 10:35 Imec Xpand Tom Vanhoutte, Partner
09:50 10:50
Illustrations from the Flanders Ecosystem
09:50 10:50 Biorics
Daniel Berckmans, President of the Board, CTO
10:00 11:00 MyNeo Cedric Bogaert, Co-founder, CEO
10:10 11:10 Biostrand Ingrid Brands, Co-founder, CEO
10:20 11:20 Anima Erik Buntinx, Founder, CEO
10:35 11:35
The Nordic Ecosystem and Investment Landscape
10:35 11:35 Inventure VC Ekaterina Gianelli
10:45 11:45 Voima Ventures Inka Mero, Managing Partner, Founder
10:55 11:55 Nordic Ninja VC Shinichi Nikkuni, Managing Partner
11:10 12:10
Illustrations from the Nordic Ecosystem
11:10 12:10 Oulu Health Labs
Timo Alalääkkölä, Manager, Testing and Innovations
11:20 12:20 Kamu Health Seppo Salorinne, CPO
11:30 12:30 Medicube X Vili Kostamo, CEO
11:40 12:40 Ninchat Ville Mujunen, CEO
11:50 12:50 Closing remarks

Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) is a Flemish governmental agency facilitating investment projects in Flanders, Belgium and supporting Flemish export companies. FIT gives free advice and has a global network of experts. In the Nordics FIT has an office in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.


Upgraded is a non-profit association for health & wellbeing startups and innovations in Finland, founded in 2012. The association currently has over 70 members and dozens of partners.


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Sep 23 2021

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