MEDICA 2020 is the upcoming edition of the unrivalled event for the international medical industry. Held every year in the city of Dusseldorf, MEDICA is the premier platform for pushing the technical and scientific envelope for medical technology, electromedical equipment, laboratory equipment and pharmaceuticals. Leading companies present their products to high-ranking representatives of research facilities, hospitals as well as medical organisations and associations.

Upgraded members at MEDICA:

  • Tuesday, 17 November, session “Mobile Health – Improving healthcare at home and at the point of care”Predicell, Aki Kuivalainen, CEO AI-supported preventive health care paths and actions to minimize hospital days
  • Wednesday, 18 November, session “Diagnostics and health monitoring”Henkaus, Abhishek Jayaprakash, CEO Remote monitoring of patients health using radar sensor technology and cloud based AI

    Precordior, Ville Ingman, Chief Growth Officer A significant innovation in non-invasive cardiac monitoring for decades

    KAMU Health, Seppo Salorinne, Chief Product Officer, Remote respiratory care beyond symptom tracking

  •  Thursday, 19 November, session “Solutions for hospitals and care centers”Osgenic, Dr. Arne Schlenzka, CEO Taking surgical training to the 21st century
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Nov 16 2020 - Nov 19 2020


9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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