Etsimo deploying Etsimo’s Diagnosis Engine (EDE) in Brazil


Etsimo deploying Etsimo’s Diagnosis Engine (EDE) in Brazil

Etsimo has together with Techtools started providing mobile health and telehealth services in Brazil. The first milestone is a roll-out in Minas Gerais, a state with over 20 million inhabitants. It’s part of a larger picture where Etsimo is supporting healthcare organizations and the population in Brazil with its AI based platform. The advanced capabilities of Etsimo’s API-controlled platform are ideal for situations where flexibility and easy connectivity are essential to quickly build healthcare solutions that accommodates use cases perfectly. 

Brazil has been hit hard by Covid-19 and faces the same challenges as many other countries with their healthcare system being overrun by Covid-19 cases while the normal, basic healthcare needs of the population go unattended. The first version of the mobile application built by Techtools addresses both of the problems; it utilizes the official Brazilian guidelines for handling Covid-19 related cases and suspicions, and Etsimo’s solution to gather information about patients with other medical issues to prepare the patient case for effective remote care. 

Jefferson Plentz, CEO of Techtools, says: “Etsimo’s solution is probably the only one of the few existing players capable of deploying a solution of this scale with the speed and flexibility required for successful deployment.“

Thomas Grandell from Etsimo says, “This is a great opportunity for us, and it’s great to be part of such a meaningful project where our Etsimo platform can shine.“

In the publication of the region, the governor of Minas Gerais Romeu Zema mentioned the following about the initiative in Minas Gerais: “Digital clinical consultation has been around for some time in other countries, but there has been resistance in Brazil. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that we also need to start using remote solutions. We will improve medical care in our country. A large part of the population does not need face-to-face interaction, so this app will make people’s lives easier.“

Etsimo operates under ISO 13485 and the EDE is a CE-marked medical device in the EU and ANVISA registered in Brazil. Etsimo’s solution has been developed in cooperation with Etsimo’s strategic partner Terveystalo, the largest private healthcare provider in the Nordics. 

The upcoming version of EDE will support machine-driven triage, where the patient is given a suggestion for optimal care based on an assessment of the patient’s condition and the urgency of the patient’s care need. The near future will also add enhanced support for Covid-19, where current and predicted care need of the patient, with possible care escalation, is personalized and based on the severity of the patient’s symptoms in combination with their personal risk factors. Both of these are in final stages of development and will be included in Etsimo’s solution as soon as sufficient clinical evidence has been obtained to include them into Etsimo’s medical device certificates. 

More information: Press event (in Portuguese): 

News articles (in Portuguese): consultas-pelo-celular aplicativo-para-teleatendimento.html 

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