Dutch solutions for vital societies at Upgraded Life Festival. Come and meet us!


Dutch solutions for vital societies at Upgraded Life Festival. Come and meet us!

The Netherlands has a strong position in the global Life Sciences & Health industry. It is home to a vibrant, concentrated cluster of more than 2200 life science and medtech companies and research organizations. Biomedical research at Dutch universities and medical centers is highly marked in the global rankings. Dutch companies develop groundbreaking innovations for the quickly growing international market of healthcare. But why is it that the Dutch are so passionate about health?

A better, longer life
The population is ageing. Unfortunately, ‘healthy’ life years do not increase in proportion to the higher life expectancy. In order to improve our national health, we need innovative smart solutions. Creating such solutions has become a priority. This has led to major innovations in areas ranging from wearables to healthy ageing or nanotechnology.

Interdisciplinary approach
The Dutch LS&H sector is a substantial industry because of its strong technological position in molecular imaging, medical informatics, biopharmaceuticals, human and veterinary vaccines, regenerative medicine and biomaterials, medical technology and health infrastructure. This position is consolidated through collaboration, cooperation and coalition building between businesses, research institutes and universities. Additionally, supported by government, it links research to product and business creation. By applying this interdisciplinary approach the Netherlands is able to generate comprehensive and innovative solutions.

The sector strives to improve the health of both the citizens and the economy, using all the strengths of the industry. This interconnectivity between health and economy also means that, with good care, people with chronic disorders can get (back) to work and be part of the workforce. With innovative, high-tech research, the industry is developing innovative products and services to solve the challenges of our time: ageing, chronic diseases and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Working together
Cooperation is needed to reach the best possible results. Universities, hospitals and organizations work together to do research and develop innovative solutions to health related problems. In addition, the Dutch LS&H sector is closely connected to related fields such as IT, logistics, software engineering and data storage.    

Come and meet us at Upgraded Life Festival!
For the 3rd year in a row the Netherlands embassy is bringing Dutch companies and speakers to Upgraded Life Festival. At the meeting point of the embassy you meet several Dutch companies who are happy to discuss cooperation possibilities.

Philips is a leading health technology company focused on improving people’s lives across the health continuum – from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care. In order to build strong partnerships with early stage startups Philips has set up the HealthTech accelerator program, a unique and invaluable 3 month program where startups have the opportunity to engage intensively with experts on IP, Healthcare economics, medical, business model innovation, design & research specialists and business leaders. They want to work with the best startups in the world in the areas of Oncology diagnostics, Radiology solutions, Interventional Cardiology, Population Health Management, Fertility, Pregnancy & Parenting and Continuous monitoring. At ULF, Rocco van den Berg will be present to recruit and talk to startups that are eager to join the program.

Philogirl is a company specialized in life sciences & health communications and PR from The Netherlands. Maaike van Zuilen, director of Philogirl will participate ULF for the first time and is looking forward to network. Philogirl is just about to launch a new concept, the Health Events: mobile living labs for innovative life sciences & health companies who would like to meet consumers to test their innovations. 

Tovertafel is an interactive game developed for people living with moderate to severe dementia. The game connects people whilst playfully stimulating both physical activity and social interaction. Numerous games, consisting of interactive light animations that react to hand and arm movements, are projected on a table. All the games are developed through co-design: in collaboration with potential users and their carers. By involving potential users closely in the design process, the games can be tailored to their abilities and preferences. Tovertafel is branching out to the Nordic countries and is actively looking for distribution partners. Sjoerd Wennekes would be happy to talk to you!

Elizabeth C. Nelson, Researcher, writer, and PhD candidate at University of Twente, Roy Smythe, Chief Medical Officer for Healthcare Informatics at Philips and Adriaan Hart de Ruijter, Managing Director at Cascara Ventures will be speaking at one of the stages.

5 strengths of the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector:

1. Tradition of collaboration and cooperation in public-private partnerships
2. Remarkable contributions throughout history of health care
3. A turn-key approach
4. National Genome Initiative
5. High quality, accessible and affordable health care

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