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During this time of crisis, our healthcare system, organisations as well as individuals are in dire need of new innovations in order to cope with the changes inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic. On this page, you will find solutions and help offered by the Upgraded community.

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COVID-19 solutions and offers

Buddy Healthcare

BuddyCare virtual care platform can be used for not only symptom tracking, remote monitoring and data collection purposes, but also in digitizing secure communication between the individuals/patients and healthcare professionals.

Lean Entries

Lean Entries is working on a CORONA GUIDE where any topic can be browsed in a few moments by a citizen, providing a simple list of activities needed.


Sweetsbot is offering their anonymous employee feedback platform for free until end of April to boost the wellbeing of remote working teams.






Emooter is an app that helps tracking and improving mental wellbeing at work. The app provides science-based and scalable support with stress and anxiety caused by, for example, COVID-19. Start your free trial today!


By measuring Heart Rate Variability, Healthzilla app could be used to detect early warning signs of the COVID-19 infection before any of the typical symptoms occur.

Meru Health

Meru Health's digital clinic offers an app-based treatment program for depression, burnout and anxiety. The program combines technology, evidence-based therapy and daily support from licensed clinicians - the new standard of mental healthcare.


Moodmetric helps you to recognize your stressors and what makes you feel relaxed with a powerful tool, the Moodmetric Smart Ring.


HUOLETI is an innovative service concept that supports patients, their families and close ones after the diagnosis, during the treatments and recovering. It provides help and support network, which makes everyday life easier and helps to continue life despite of a serious diagnosis.


Superlaiffi helps you to reach and sustain a active and sporty life, and to feel better with a free wellness app.


Edevent offers digital tools and information to support treatment of obesity. 


MealLogger makes keeping a food journal as easy as snapping a photo.

KAMU Health

KAMU Health develops and markets digital therapeutics for respiratory-illness care and self-management. 


Carecode allows healthcare professionals to communicate with each other and their patients whenever and wherever.


Megical is designed to improve the operational safety and quality management of health centers and clinics.

Triumf Health

Triumf Health supports children's health and wellbeing. They offer effective, comprehensive care delivered through a mobile game.

Elderly Care


Onerva offers instant-messaging for homecare and nursing homes. It is a caring platform – connecting eldercare customers, their families and care providers. Realtime communication saves time for nurses and raises quality of care.


Navigil is a smartwatch for the elderly. It has user profiles for different needs covering dementia, elderly with long term conditions, active elderly, cognitively impaired persons and lone workers.


Sensotrend offers successful remote appointments to one vulnerable group, people with diabetes.


Predicell offers a remote monitoring service. It provides real-time situation picture of the patient’s condition, based on location data and the patient’s own or government-provided wearables.


Ninchat provides secure communications for hospitals to enable real-time consultation.


Movendos offers a digital solution for the future needs of healthcare and rehabilitation. They offer services related to fluent time reservation, data collection, surveys, reporting, remote appointments, chat and messaging.

Patient Monitoring


Sanoste provides artificial intelligence for physiotherapy & stimulating activities
for seniors via teleconference technology.


Precordior’s CardioSignal smartphone application helps people to improve their lives and to access critical health information.


Braincare delivers personalized solutions to improve the quality of life of epilepsy patients. They provide the best tools for long-term epilepsy monitoring.


BEAT2PHONE is a simple, reliable & easy-to-use electrocardiogram device and phone app for people with heart conditions.


iXu Bear by JoyHaptics is a health and wellbeing solution to send and receive touch over distance anywhere in the world.


Medigoo provides a wide range of different professional health quick tests which can help you to diagnose your illness without leaving your home.

Ecosystem Players


Questions and answers by the ministry regarding the pandemic and business financing.

Business Finland

Business Finland supports companies during the pandemic.

Lexia Attorneys

Legal tips for employers on the effects of the coronavirus epidemic.


Upgraded gathered tips to face the crisis in the March 2020 newsletter.

Startups and companies have a lot to offer during this challenging period. Our list is in constant evolution and many of our members will soon be added. In the meantime, you can have a look at the entire list of our members here!

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Kaiku Health

Kaiku Health and the Geneva University Hospitals implement digital symptom monitoring for COVID-19 patients in Switzerland.


MVision offers a GDPR compliant cloud-based solution for AI-driven contouring service for free for a limited period.

Triumf Health

The free public health app Triumf Health (Open) has been made available to all children in Estonia and the UK, to offer immediate psychological support and deliver validated information on the virus.

KAMU Health

KAMU Health offers their CE marked self-management service for asthma and COPD patients as well as other lung conditions free of charge for users in 18 European countries.


Popit has released a research extension that makes its platform an efficient tool for finding a treatment for COVID-19.


Etsimo’s COVID-19 version is able to give probabilities on COVID-19 and other respiratory infections. It is able to grade suspicions of the virus and also estimate other possible reasons, i.e. diseases for the symptoms. 


With the help of Raisoft, the international research organization interRAI has developed a scientific assessment instrument to identify particularly vulnerable social groups during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The instrument is being offered to national health care providers and those responsible for public health.