Coming soon: Novartis and Upgraded looking for innovations to improve treatment paths


Coming soon: Novartis and Upgraded looking for innovations to improve treatment paths

Exciting times are ahead for health startups: since Novartis, in collaboration with Upgraded, will soon open a call for solutions that could help create better patient treatment pathways, and is looking for innovative solutions from the Upgraded community.

Novartis has, in collaboration with their healthcare partners, identified certain gaps or pain points meaning challenges, unclarities or issues in the patients’ treatment pathways, for either the patient or the health care professionals. Together with Upgraded, a call for solutions will be opened, aiming to fill specified gaps, improve and develop the pathways with new, innovative ideas.

Novartis is a global health care company and thus part of an ecosystem where digitalization is advancing fast. For Novartis, working with health tech startups enables finding new ways to provide patients with effective care faster, which also can be more efficient for the society and the health care system. At best in these times innovation in the health sector supports economic growth and may create more exports and jobs in Finland and Europe.

“We are very excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our community! We have already witnessed a very fruitful cooperation between our members Popit and Precordior and Novartis, and therefore we are convinced that this call for solutions will be an excellent opportunity for any startup or team,” says Upgraded’s director Sara Härmälä.

Here’s how the process will proceed:

– The pain points will be published and shared with the Upgraded community
– You are invited to create great ideas and solutions based on this information
– The ideas and solutions showing most potential will be selected by Novartis and continue to Phase 2 where they will be developed further
– The best solutions will be published and presented at the Health100 event on October 7th 2020

With this process, Novartis offers health-tech startups an opportunity to co-develop the solutions that could help the patients, combined with a possibility to collaborate with the treating healthcare unit and professionals.

More information will be coming soon so stay tuned!

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