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Peili Vision closed a financing round of 300,000 euros

Written by Sara Härmälä on April 20, 2020

Upgraded’s member startup Peili Vision raised a 300,000 euro financing round for their Virtual Reality platform used in neurological rehabilitation. The main investor is Jonna Tolonen, one of Jussi Capital Oy’s owners and a member of the Board. Nordic XR Startups Oy and the family-owned investment companies…Read More

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Healthzilla awarded in Global Hack

Written by Sara Härmälä on April 16, 2020

Upgraded’s member startup Healthzilla was awarded the 3rd place in the Health and Wellness track of the world’s largest online hackathon, the Global Hack on April 9.-12. 2020. The hackathon gathered over 11,000 participants from all over the world to solve the challenges posed by the…Read More

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Top-7 well-being opportunities and challenges startups are facing Today

Written by Elise Löwenthal on August 9, 2019

Upgraded’s member Emooter develops a science and data driven well-being leadership tool for healthier, more engaging, and more meaningful future of work. Emooter is taking part in the Kiuas acceletor and at a Kiuas BBQ -event they interviewed people about the biggest challenges they face in well-being while working in startups…Read More

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Kiuas Startups – Health companies going beyond tracking

Written by Sara Härmälä on July 23, 2019

Text: Mari Liukkonen

Almost everybody measures their steps, sleep, different habits, and general well-being. The market is buzzing – we could even talk about a growing trend of health and well-being services. The trend is visible also in Kiuas Accelerator batch of 2019: here are two of our startups working in the…Read More

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Auntie Solutionsin Mervi Lamminen taistelee intohimoisesti uupumusta vastaan

Written by Sara Härmälä on July 17, 2019

Artikkeli julkaistu Evento-lehdessä 3/2019

Teksti Tiiu Pohjolainen
Kuvat Timo Porthan

Startup-yrittäjä on nähnyt läheltä turhan monta uupumista. Yksi niistä oli hänen omansa. Nyt Mervi Lamminen kehittää digitaalisia palveluita työntekijöiden jaksamisen parantamiseksi.

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