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Bookndo at Health Bootcamp 2015

Written by Maria Nygård on May 26, 2015

Bookndo – The “” for sports activities. is a website where it is easy to find, compare, book and pay for sports activities. In February 2015 Team Bookndo applied for the Health Bootcamp; an idea accelerator program on the broad field of health and wellbeing. Health Bootcamp was organized…Read More

RecoApp: Interpret Data from Smart Clothing

Written by Maria Nygård on May 12, 2015

Fifteen years ago I started my personal “quantified self” movement with a Polar device. After a couple of weeks I’d learned my sweet spot for running heart-rate, and I can’t really find the added value for me as a consumer when the Fitbit Flex — among others– surfaced in 2013….Read More

GoodLife Technology – Technologies for wellbeing

Written by Maria Nygård on May 7, 2015

In Finland, Sweden and the UK you can now download an app, PT Momentum, which does a lot more than the traditional paper handout. The physiotherapy process remains the same – therapist makes the diagnosis and prescribes you the most suitable exercises. But now you are able to get the…Read More

Startup Story: Netmedi

Written by Maria Nygård on April 28, 2015

You have developed your solution Kaiku in co-operation with cancer centers in Finland and Switzerland. Can you tell us more about Kaiku, can it be used in other environments than just cancer hospitals?

Kaiku is a web application that connects patients securely with their care teams on any mobile device –…Read More

Yoga. But more flexible.

Written by Maria Nygård on April 23, 2015

There’s been a lot of buzz around Yoogaia lately. What makes you guys so interesting right now?

There are many of us that find it challenging to fit enough exercise into our everyday lives. Yoogaia addresses the challenge in a way that people find appealing and easy to approach….Read More

Next generation physical therapy with motion capture

Written by Maria Nygård on April 16, 2015

Now, many apps have simple, drawn 2D pictures of the exercise or little handcrafted animations to accompany the written description of the exercise. Our way of doing things is fundamentally different: we chose to produce reusable, high quality animations with motion capture technology.

In motion capture, the actor or actress wears…Read More

Managing Type 1 diabetes at school is easier with Modz

Written by Maria Nygård on April 14, 2015

Modz makes Type 1 diabetes easier

The day Angela went back to school with her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis, Karen turned to Modz online result service to help keep track of what was happening with her daughter’s blood sugar levels. Soon she was receiving text messages every few hours, updating her…Read More

Startup story: Quattro Folia

Written by Maria Nygård on April 9, 2015

Back in the 1990s Nokia had a health care related project called Wellmate. The project was about developing a service that helped diabetics manage their blood glucose measurements and share the results with care providers with ease. This was done by using legendary Nokia 2110 GSM phone, text messages and…Read More

Startup Story: Movendos

Written by Maria Nygård on April 7, 2015

What made you notice that there was a need for an online coaching tool?

Why 88 % of New Year resolutions fail, why two out of three US citizens are overweight and why mental health problems are growing rapidly? We all know the benefits of exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management and…Read More

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