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Helena Jäntti boldly takes Heart2Save forward

Written by Sara Härmälä on April 9, 2019

A CEO full of ideas who also has many other titles

How many hats can fit on one head? Helena Jäntti, CEO Heart2Save, has four. In addition to being CEO Helena works as an Emergency Doctor, teaches future doctors to-be and counsels with dissertations and doctoral theses….Read More

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Letter from Kaiku Health’s CEO: Flying to Mars – digital health interventions for personalised and value-based healthcare

Written by Sara Härmälä on March 15, 2019

Our western healthcare systems are facing tremendous challenges. First of all, patient numbers continue to grow. Europe’s old-age dependency ratio (people +65 years old relative to those aged 15-64) is expected to increase from about 30% in 2016 to over 51% in 2070 (1). Secondly, we have better, more personalised,…Read More

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Smart Break grows towards international markets

Written by Sara Härmälä on March 4, 2019

Starting as an in-house start-up in Raisoft, a software and expert company in Kokkola/Finland, Smart Break is strongly targeting the international market. The networking and promotional trip to New York in February exceeded expectations.

– The goal of the trip was to build a network…Read More

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Triumf digital health intervention: Play is the way to healthier life

Written by Sara Härmälä on January 7, 2019

Author: Riin Tark

Digital health interventions such as the Triumf game have great potential as health improving scalable tools by contributing to the effectiveness, accessibility and personalisation of healthcare delivery. However, digital health interventions (as any other intervention) need to be evaluated using proper research methodology in…Read More

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The Upgraded Metro Map

Written by merci on March 12, 2018

During the autumn of 2017, we rolled up our sleeves and implemented a cluster research about Finnish health and wellbeing startups. Our primary aim was to understand the problems and challenges startups face, to be able to help them even more. As a result of this research, we…Read More

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Physilect: Supporting Physical Therapy using Visual Feedback Technology

Written by Raisamiina Rimpelä on February 20, 2018

In recent years, social and mobile gaming has grown rapidly. Considering the popularity of these tools, this gamification approach could also be applied within the healthcare and rehabilitation setting. To promote patient empowerment, the most successful new tools appear to incorporate two factors: entertainment (self-motivation) and relevant therapeutic…Read More

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Giving is receiving – The story of Huoleti

Written by Raisamiina Rimpelä on January 9, 2018

Huoleti is about communities and empowerment. It’s a mobile app for ill, troubled or worried and their loved ones to find others, to ask for and receive help and share experiences easily. People are willing to help and connect with…Read More

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Why “big data” needs to be made small

Written by Elena Prokofyeva on October 9, 2017
Nightingale- Antti Kangas - Why “big data” needs to be made small

Wearables, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, have spread quickly, generating an enormous amount of biometric data for us to interpret. With a plethora of sensors available on the market and personal health data stored in the cloud, you’d think it would be easy for us to take…Read More

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