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Finnish yoga on tour in Japan

Written by Maria Nygård on March 25, 2015

Jenny, how did YogaMe end up on the road in Japan?

Metos Inc, the biggest builder of saunas in Japan, wanted to bring calming and relaxing elements into the Japanese sauna culture. A couple of years ago they heard about us from Arctinar, a Finnish importer of sauna and…Read More

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Suunto Essential Collection: A well-kept secret

Written by Maria Nygård on March 23, 2015

Andreas has been working with Suunto for a year and proudly presents the new collection as specifically designed for adventurers. ‘You won’t find the Essential Collection watches in sporting goods channel. We are focusing on storytelling, premium brand experience and design.’ Suunto has already given a preview of their more…Read More

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HealthSPA activities expand to Tampere

Written by Maria Nygård on March 11, 2015

Published on: Mar 11, 2015

The program started with opening words from the organizers, followed by keynotes from cooperation partners. Mikael Rinnetmäki had the first keynote about the importance of these kinds of networks. For a little startup like Sensotrend, cooperation and networking are essential.

Next keynote speaker was Petro…Read More

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Apple Watch just kicked off the aspirational electronics industry

Written by Welcome on September 9, 2014

No longer is it enough to play with a great experience, great market massage, but we need to play in the imaganary league. Only Vertu has been there and it is a hard place to be. The Apple Watch brings to memory my old Suunto Terra watch.
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I watch my health

Written by Welcome on September 8, 2014

Wearables have been ‘coming’ for years now. From a mind-bending range of startups to the heavyweights, players of all shapes and sizes have been trying hard – and unsuccessfully – to make a real dent in the space. We’ve seen many, many approaches to…Read More

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HealthSPA and Borderless Healthcare Group announces joint European-Asian collaboration

Written by Welcome on August 8, 2014


08.08.2014 Espoo, Finland
Free to be published


“Launch of World’s First Asia-Europe mHealth and IOT Accelerator Eco-system”

Espoo, Finland, 9th Aug 2014 BH Mobile, a mHealth and IOT subsidiary of Borderless Healthcare Group has inked an MOU with HealthSpa, a health and happiness start-up cluster and accelerator based in Finland to develop…Read More

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Upgraded Life Festival took it to the next level

Written by Welcome on June 30, 2014

The second day comprised of some of the giants in the corporate world. GE Healthcare, Samsung, Nokia were amongst those who were present and certainly extremely active in engaging with individuals and also a highly interesting bunch of startups who were demoing. The second day saw an entirely new concept…Read More

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