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Estonian health cluster: from web to space

Written by twla_developer on January 5, 2015

This is just one small part of the Estonian e-society, a competitive advantage Estonian health companies are hoping to build upon. Almost all Estonians carry ID cards and use them in their everyday life. The cards are similar to Finnish ID cards, but whats different is their proliferation in every-day…Read More

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Experiencing Slush as an outsider

Written by twla_developer on December 16, 2014

Never has there been as much discussion of a conference in Finland, as when Slush was arranged in November this year. The conference got an enormous amount of publicity both in traditional and social media. Hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors were gathered and thousands and thousands of participants came to…Read More

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Digital health data and digital currency, what is in it for me?

Written by Welcome on October 13, 2014

Two years later, I have become incredibly wealthy. I am a Fuelpoint millionaire. I have just crossed the 1.5M Fuelpoints mark. I was awarded a badge… wait a minute, is that all? Let me at least have a custom pair of sneakers, let me have some discount vouchers. Let me…Read More

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