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Improving the daily life of cancer patients

Written by Raisamiina Rimpelä on April 1, 2016

Finland is one of the leading countries in cancer treatment. Yet, there is room for improvement. Now, HUCH Comprehensive Cancer Center, Novartis Finland, UPM, HealthSPA, Helsinki Business Hub and Sitra are together launching the Kertomalla paranee (‘improve by sharing’) project that aims to identify the real needs of patients and…Read More

Big waves of health tech – and how Fjuul is riding them

Written by Raisamiina Rimpelä on March 15, 2016

“What you do today, affects how you live tomorrow”

Some call it a health revolution, others think of it as a bypassing trend. However you see the current obsessions with fitness, health and wellness, one thing is for sure – it’s not going away. In 2015 we saw a…Read More

Fitness Should Be For Everyone

Written by Raisamiina Rimpelä on February 11, 2016

Some people do sports because they need to lose weight, some people do it to be social and some people just simply do it for fun. There is a company that provides something for everyone.

SportSetter was founded in 2012 by Niko Karstikko, a Finnish guy who spent his youth…Read More

HealthSPA x TietoXHub x Fazer

Written by Raisamiina Rimpelä on February 6, 2016

We have already shared the news with you that HealthSPA teams up with TietoXHub and Fazer to rediscover the future of the food experience. But perhaps you want to know more.
TietoXHub and Fazer Food Services organized a 48 hour…Read More

Textual Selfies Can Heal

Written by Raisamiina Rimpelä on January 20, 2016

Selfies can feel like foolish thing, but have you ever been thinking that selfies might be important in building identity? Selfies is a part of your self expression and getting feedback, especially if you are young and maybe not sure what is your place in this world. When you get…Read More

Health Industry Report 2015

Written by Maria Nygård on July 30, 2015


Health technology is a growing industry in Finland and all over the world. According to FiHTA’s Finnish Health Technology Trade 2014 Report, the export of health technology grew 8,3% in 2014. Finland exports more health technology products than what it…Read More

Cool stuff from Finland is in print!

Written by Maria Nygård on June 10, 2015

Dear fans of Health Technology,

During the past year JP Tukiainen and I have been working on a book to depict the healthtech scene in Finland – Cool stuff from Finland: Health Technology. It is a coffee table book about cool stuff and their creators. We have 15 cases in the…Read More

Estonian health cluster: from web to space

Written by twla_developer on January 5, 2015

This is just one small part of the Estonian e-society, a competitive advantage Estonian health companies are hoping to build upon. Almost all Estonians carry ID cards and use them in their everyday life. The cards are similar to Finnish ID cards, but whats different is their proliferation in every-day…Read More

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