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Lääkäri uuden edessä

Written by Raisamiina Rimpelä on October 13, 2016

“Digitalisaation puhutaan haastavan sosiaali- ja terveyspalveluja sekä samalla tuovan mahdollisuuden tarkastella kokonaan uudenlaisia toimintamalleja. Terveysteknologian mahdollisuudet alkoivat kiinnostaa, kun mikään 50:stä erikoisalasta ei tuntunut täysin omalta. Edellisvuonna yritin aktiivisesti etsiä alan koulutuksia ja mietin missä saisi jakaa ajatuksiaan innostuneiden koodarien ja pelialan ihmisten sekä yritysten ja lainsäädännön päälle ymmärtävien kanssa….Read More

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Solving Hard Problems in Healthcare. Startup Perspective.

Written by Raisamiina Rimpelä on September 27, 2016

On Upgraded Life TALKS vol. 1 we gathered all the bright minds, starting from healthcare professionals and medical students, to startups and industry players, and talked about the future of healthcare and it’s current problems.


The outcome of the panel discussion was that…Read More

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Upgraded Life TALKS

Written by Raisamiina Rimpelä on September 8, 2016

During the past years Upgraded Life Festival, the annual event organised by Finnish Health Startup Association HealthSPA, became not only a focal moment for the whole health ecosystem, place to follow on the trends of the industry, create valuable connections and exchange experience….Read More

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Meet the HealthSPA team

Written by Maria Nygård on September 6, 2016

At the moment we have three ladies working full-time at the office in Otaniemi – Hanna, Bogdana and Maria. Every day is full of excitement including meetings with new startups and partners, plus planning the upcoming Upgraded Life Festival 2017 and other events. The fantastic support team behind the HealthSPA…Read More

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Elderly Care of the 21st Century

Written by Maria Nygård on September 1, 2016

The goal of the study unit is to help nursing and public health nursing students familiarise themselves with technological solutions that support the well-being and functionality of the elderly as well as their independent coping at home. The other goal is to assess the suitability of technology for the elderly and…Read More

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Three Steps for Achieving Top Results in International Healthcare

Written by Raisamiina Rimpelä on June 20, 2016

At Netmedi, our mission is to create the leading digital solutions for data-driven, personalized health care. The company, founded in 2012 by five software developers deeply passionate about health care technology, has now grown to team of 15 dedicated employees. Kaiku® Health, our platform for collecting and analyzing patient-reported…Read More

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