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Motivade – Collaboration with Liikkuva koulu

Written by Maria Nygård on May 21, 2015

You announced in March that you’re collaborating with Liikkuva Koulu (Finnish Schools on the Move). How did this come about?

It all started from an article published in Helsingin Sanomat. We realized that our Workplace Wellness service could easily be tailored for schools. Inactivity is a major problem among children around…Read More

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We Love Our Users and So Should You

Written by Maria Nygård on March 27, 2015

Every user is our customer

We at Headsted offer people online programs for mental issues, like social anxiety, low mood, high stress, and sleep problems. Each year 1 in 3 people suffer from these issues, but 2 out of 3 don’t get help for their problems. The data suggests that…Read More

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A community is my emotional valve

Written by Maria Nygård on March 17, 2015

I’m the CEO of a mental well-being community Heimo. I have to be honest: I’m building a service for myself. I am a person who has difficulties talking to other people face-to-face. During one year I have co-founded two companies, wrote a book and lost my sister. It has been one big…Read More

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A Case for Wearables

Written by twla_developer on December 19, 2014

Wearables provide information

I originally started tracking my daily activity with the Moves app, over a year ago. I had heard a lot about the 10 000 daily steps required to stay fit, but I had no idea how many I was taking myself.

With the Moves app, it took me a…Read More

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The Pursuit for Impact

Written by Welcome on November 10, 2014

At high school I made a decision – I want to be a medical researcher. I want to do something meaningful and interesting. It all worked out well, I did my Master and PhD theses’ and here I was, right where I wanted to be, but… Yes, there’s a big…Read More

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