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Health Startup: Join Upgraded!

Written by Iiris Tyni on November 20, 2019

Post Updated 02/2020

Upgraded is a non-profit association for health & wellbeing startups and innovations in Finland, founded in 2012. Our goal is to make sure that startup innovations have an established role in society as a source of health and wellbeing solutions. We believe that no good health innovation…Read More

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Slush 2019 Side-Events: Health Tech & Life Sciences

Written by Iiris Tyni on November 8, 2019

Slush Side-Events: Health Tech & Life Sciences

The busiest week in the startup community is approaching! Even without a Slush ticket, you can make the most out of the Slush week and network ’til you drop! We’ve listed all the health tech & life science related Slush 2019 side-events. All the events…Read More

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Health100, a curated unconference – what the heck is that?

Written by Raisamiina Rimpelä on August 23, 2019

With our five years of experience of organizing a traditional conference (Upgraded Life Festival), we have learned that the most valuable discussions are not taking place in the auditoriums, but in the corridors and over the coffee breaks. It’s not uncommon to hear people say “I’ve had so…Read More

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Onerva & Robocoast Partner Search: How could machines detect and interpret human emotions from speech?

Written by Iiris Tyni on July 11, 2019

Is it possible for machine or algorithm to understand emotions from speech data, meaning not the words, but the sound waves / spectrogram that speech creates?

Onerva, a Finnish startup-company focused on eldercare, is developing Onerva-bot – a voice-operated virtual assistant. Onerva-bot can have actual conversations with aging homecare…Read More

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Navigil enables independent life for memory loss patients in Helsinki

Written by Iiris Tyni on June 25, 2019

The City of Helsinki provides Navigil’s wristwatches to approximately two hundred customers who suffer from memory loss diseases such as dementia. Customers can live at home, and if they leave outside a predesignated area, they can be tracked and contacted without any delay with the built-in mobile phone of Navigil’s…Read More

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Navigil unveils a new AI powered wellbeing solution for active seniors

Written by Iiris Tyni on June 19, 2019

Navigil, a specialist in white label telecare and personal safety solutions, has unveiled the Navigil Suite that consists of Navigil 580 wellbeing wristwatch and Navigil Service. The solution is powered by the latest mobile communication technology and artificial intelligence. It supports active aging persons who want to secure a long…Read More

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Heart2Saven ja Suunnon yhteistyöllä tuote eteisvärinän tunnistukseen kotioloissa

Written by Sara Härmälä on June 7, 2019

Heart2Saven ja Suunnon yhteistyöllä on syntynyt tuote, jonka avulla käyttäjä voi itse tunnistaa eteisvärinän varhaisessa vaiheessa. Kunnianhimoisena visiona on vähentää eteisvärinän aiheuttamia aivoinfarkteja ja näin pelastaa henkiä ja turvata terveempiä elinvuosia.

Kuopiolaisen Heart2Save-startupin AiVoni-analyysipalvelu yhdistettiin Suunnon Movesense-anturiin. Näin saatiin aikaan tuote, jolla käyttäjä voi tunnistaa rytmihäiriön missä vain ja milloin vain….Read More

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