Bringing the Upgraded Community closer together with Slack


Bringing the Upgraded Community closer together with Slack

During this autumn Upgraded has gained several new members, and the size of the Upgraded Community has grown by almost 30%. We obviously couldn’t be happier about this development, and it makes us want to work even harder for a smoothly functioning, dynamic and supportive healthtech ecosystem.

The very foundation of any community is good communication, and therefore we have created a Slack-channel for our members to enable more effortless communication both to and from Upgraded, and also between the startups. We believe that sharing successes, news or opportunities with people in the similar position both encourages everyone else and creates an upbeat atmosphere among the community. The channel is also a low-threshold way of asking help or advice from people within the same industry who might face or have faced similar challenges.

Of course we know and understand that startups can’t just chat with us in Slack all the time, but we hope to see the Community Channel grow to be a place for vibrant discussion, sharing of knowledge and experience, and celebrating the success of the amazing health tech innovations. This will also help us at Upgraded find the good news and share them in our external channels for better coverage and visibility for our startups! In the future we hope to invite also our partners to the Community Channel, and this way bring the health industry ecosystem – or at least parts of it – together, around one big, figurative table.

Thoughts? Feedback? Let us know what you think!

See you in Slack!

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The Upgraded Community channel is currently restricted only for Upgraded members. The invitation to the channel has been sent to the contact persons in the member companies. For any questions or updates regarding Upgraded Community Slack, contact Sara!

Not a member yet? Join now and get the best out of being a Health Startup – for only 150 € / year!  

Interested in Upgraded Partnership? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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