Apple Watch just kicked off the aspirational electronics industry


Apple Watch just kicked off the aspirational electronics industry

Apple finally took the lids of what has been more than two years of speculation. It has clearly been a big effort to turn the consumer electronics giant into an fashion aspiration company. The details are stunning and the execution is what we expected. It is clear that everyone else in the electronics industry is left behind. This kicks off the aspirational electronics industry.

No longer is it enough to play with a great experience, great market massage, but we need to play in the imaganary league. Only Vertu has been there and it is a hard place to be. The Apple Watch brings to memory my old Suunto Terra watch.

Apple’s Kevin Lynch and Jonathan Ive have done a great job, this product is better than the first iPod. Is it as good and transformative as the first iPhone and first iPad time will tell. It is a harder problem to solve as the styling will be so polarizing, this is jewelry. Just think of Round vs. rectangular. The Apple designed apps take strong advantage of the corners and those you do not have in a round design. Going further doing bracelets where the display is 1 to 4 or 5 aspect ratio is a whole different matter. The one who wants to rule wearables needs to play in all these categories.

Apple did not get a curved display in their first generation. It is a watch, not something entirely new. In that way it is quite conservative, but perhaps this is what the market needs, I think it is more like the first smartphones like Nokia 7650, than as the iPhone of this market. The game just started. The smartwatch industry has become a jewelry business. 

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