Abomics: In a mission to improve drug safety and personalized medicine, now also in Spain, Mexico and Colombia


Abomics: In a mission to improve drug safety and personalized medicine, now also in Spain, Mexico and Colombia

Personalized medicine is a global phenomenon and the potential of it, is gradually being understood more widely. As an increasing amount of populations are utilizing the benefits offered by pharmacogenetics, the demand for practical and agile databases becomes relevant. As individuals are more aware of the endless possibilities offered by genetic data, an easy access to the data and services becomes a norm.
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A great testimony of this is the latest agreement between Diagnosticos CyC-Bioprognos and Abomics Ltd., the two health technology providers have signed a co-operation and distribution contracts.

Diagnosticos CyC-Bioprognos provides extensive, non-invasive blood testing within a wide geographical area. Covering a large proportion of the Latin American countries and countries in Europe, such as Mexico and Spain, where the co-operation with Abomics Ltd. will be first implemented. With this agreement Diagnosticos CyC will extend their portfolio to pharmacogenomics. Abomics’ GeneRx Pharmacogenetic database and GeneAccount, an agile consumer test for pharmacogenetic profile, will be soon available in Latin America and South Europe by Diagnosticos CyC.

Abomics Ltd. has positioned itself very steady within the North Europe and is showing strong determination in being a global service provider of pharmacogenetic interpretations. Pharmacogenetics is the key for a truly personalized medicine, providing a solution for a practical and easy access to individual drug recommendations.

“We are truly pleased to gain such a strong and established partner within the Latin America and South Europe. This will be a great opportunity for both companies to learn from one another and to make pharmacogenetic available for professionals and patients within the Spanish speaking regions. A logic step towards globalization!” Stated Mr. Timo Reisto, the CEO of Abomics

“Jose Luis Castilla CEO and Luis Guillermo Latin America Partner and Director for Mexico and Colombia at Diagnosticos CyC are excited about the potential opportunities that will arrive with this partnership which will enable us to extend our portfolio of products to continue our development and positioning as leaders in this niches of high specialty, we feel honoured to have such an extraordinary partner with Abomics and feel confident that this joint venture will benefit both companies and moreover, it will benefit the patients in Latin America and south of Europe.”

Diagnosticos CyC will be a distributor of the state of art pharmacogenetic test by Abomics Ltd. GeneAccount Service is a modern way of providing a reliable and a secure genetic test to ensure safe and functional medication for each individual. Storing the data in a secure cloud service enables the data to be utilized where-ever and whenever needed. The wide and substantial pharmacogenetic database, GeneRx, will provide a reliable source for the required information support for personalized medicine, allowing more reliable and effective medical treatment.


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