Startup Story: Moodmetric Upgraded


Startup Story: Moodmetric Upgraded

In June 2014, a half a year and some prototypes and early tests later we have gathered a lot of comments and feedback from Protomo Tampere startup community. We participated the first big event, the Upgraded Life Festival at Espoo, Finland organised by HealthSPA. It gathered together those interested in health&wellbeing, quantified self & biohacking, wearables and internet of things. Just the right audience for us to give a boost to our further development.

It was quite exciting with all the buzz and crowds, who would come to talk to us first? We did not have to wait long, there soon was a queue in front of our booth with people peeking over shoulders to see did the measurement of emotions actually work? Yes, it does! Someones wanted to buy one right at the spot and as that was not possible, we signed them in as test users. “Wow, how come a ring like this is not yet on the market?” was another question often asked in addition to science behind – this audience knew the subject and was really interested on the measurement itself.


Another set of comments was something that affected the future the most: “Could this be more beautiful?”, “Could this be smaller”? “Can I have it in different colours”? – The looks mattered more than we had thought.

As a result of all the comments we gathered, we developed the next version with a top jewellery designer to have a look that for sure catches the eye. There is no longer need to ask which sensor are you wearing, but rather: “where did you get that beautiful ring from?”

A great opportunity was provided to us, as we got selected to present and launch at the SLUSH Digital Health track. This was awesome. We prepared all the material, and set up the booth to the last detail. We wanted to match the high objectives we set for the SLUSH as a whole.

The Moodmetric Ring was presented to SLUSH Digital Health audience on the 19th of November in Helsinki, Finland. After launch, in less than a week, Moodmetric has been featured, liked, loved and shared in the news around the world: International Business Times UK, Dazed, The Daily Dot and Concrete Playground among others. The whole team is overwhelmingly happy and grateful for the interest!

The objectives we are setting up are even higher now and we are really happy to have such great support from the communities of Protomo Tampere and HealthSPA.

Advice to all startups, join the community – they are your ticket to something big!

Niina Venho is a co-founder of Moodmetric. She likes to calm her mind via outdoor activities and through doing everyday chores.

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