100 Nordic health influencers will gather in Helsinki to create a shared Nordic Health Resolution


100 Nordic health influencers will gather in Helsinki to create a shared Nordic Health Resolution

The new solutions and innovations are already here to revolutionise our healthcare and to make it smart and sustainable. How do we make sure that this revolution happens and the Nordics will have the best possible healthcare in the future?

Organised on the 2nd of October, the Health100 unconference will host top-level discussions with the focus on the already foreseeable future: the challenges, opportunities and strategic steps on how to implement the concrete innovations into practice. By getting away from “speakers” and “listeners”, Health100 is harnessing the accumulated expertise of 100 hand-picked Nordic health influencers. The day will result in the creation of a shared Nordic Health Resolution.

Still not sure, what is an unconference? Read our recent publication.

Who is coming?

Health100 will gather like-minded people, with a passion for shaping the best possible healthcare and power to make the change possible. They are those with the vision of upcoming challenges and those who are hands-on working on emerging technologies: entrepreneurs, corporates, healthcare decision-makers, investors, academia, researchers, policymakers and other health thought leaders.

What will the day look like?

Health100 is organised in the participant-driven format of an unconference: the attendees are influencing the agenda and raising the topics to be upvoted and discussed during the day. This format enables the right discussions with the right people and provides the environment for both professional and personal relationships to be born. If you’re interested in reading more about how the unconference concept works, check out our post about it.

The discussions that happen at Health100 are aimed to lead to actions; the summary of insights will become a part of joint Nordic health resolution.

Health100 is organised in the intimate privacy of luxurious Hanasaari culture and conference centre, surrounded by beautiful Finnish nature. Being there is a whole experience on its own with the environment supporting open and straightforward conversations. The networking will start at the pre-event dinner cruise on Kuunari Kathrina sailboat on Oct 1st.

The enablers

Health100 is organised by Upgraded – a self-sustaining non-profit association for health startups and innovations, located in Finland. Our goal is to help Nordics become the best environment for health tech and life sciences as well as to make sure startup innovations will have an established role as a source of health and wellbeing solutions.

Health100 would not be possible without our partners – Pfizer, Health Capital Helsinki, Fazer and Dattaca Labs.

Nordic Innovation supports the event as a part of a 1,5-year project to target Nordic sustainable and smart healthcare. The project is conducted together with our partners Nordic Center of Sustainable Healthcare and DTU Business, a part of the Danish Technical University.


Are you a healthcare influencer in the Nordics, and have not been invited? Apply for an invitation here!

Contact information
For inquiries in regards to Health100, contact us at


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