HealthSPA is now Upgraded

HealthSPA is now Upgraded

Health Startup Association of Finland

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Upgraded is a non-profit association for health & wellbeing startups in Finland.

Our goal is to make sure that startup innovations have an established role in the society as a source of health and wellbeing solutions.  No good health innovation should be lost due to the lack of knowledge about it.

We build the bridges between the different pieces of startups, corporates, public sector & universities. We believe, that the industry thrives on cooperation and everyone will reach their goals faster and easier when working together.

We are also the organisers of the premier startup-driven health innovation event in the Nordics – Upgraded Life Festival

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Upcoming opportunities

Oct 2 - Online


IOT/WT Innovation World Cup

Become part of the leading innovation ecosystem and get the chance to win prizes worth more than 500,000 USD, including a cash prize of 10,000 Euros. Gain valuable business connections…

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Nov 14 - Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Nordic Delegation to Tel Aviv

Join us for a Nordic delegation to Tel Aviv to increase business, knowledge and collaborations within sustainable healthcare solutions and smart, circular cities. This is an opportunity to contribute to the…

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Sep 21 | Community News
Sara Härmälä

Co-creating the Future of the Finnish HealthTech Industry

Alone we can do so little;  Together we can do so much! This famous quote by the famous American author, political activist and lecturer Helen Keller is true in many…

Aug 29 | Industry News
Sara Härmälä

The Upgraded Strategy Towards the Best Health Innovation Ecosystem in the World

You know how after a big project is done you feel a bit empty and struggle to start doing something goal-oriented again? Well, we experienced that with Upgraded after this…

Aug 22 | Industry News
Sara Härmälä

Yliopistosairaaloiden tutkimusrahoituksen leikkaus nakertaisi terveysinnovaatioiden tulevaisuutta

YLE uutisoi tiistaina 21.8.2018 valtiovarainministeriön kaavailevan jopa neljänneksen leikkauksia yliopistosairaaloiden tutkimusrahoitukseen. Euroissa tämä tarkoittaisi jopa kuuden miljoonan vähennystä kliiniselle tutkimukselle elintärkeään rahoitukseen. Tutkimusrahoituksen leikkauksella olisi erittäin negatiivinen vaikutus myös kaikille…

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