HealthSPA is now Upgraded

HealthSPA is now Upgraded

Health Startup Association of Finland

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Upgraded is a non-profit association for health & wellbeing startups in Finland, founded in 2012.

Our goal is to make sure that startup innovations have an established role in the society as a source of health and wellbeing solutions.  No good health innovation should be lost due to the lack of knowledge about it.

We build the bridges between the different pieces of startups, corporates, public sector & universities. We believe, that the industry thrives on cooperation and everyone will reach their goals faster and easier when working together.

We are also the organisers of the premier startup-driven health innovation event in the Nordics – Upgraded Life Festival

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Upcoming opportunities

Mar 22 - Taiwan / Boston

Taiwan / Boston

Bridge to MassChallenge Taiwan

Bridge to MassChallenge Taiwan (B2MC Taiwan) is an international startup competition that identifies and accelerates startups interested in leveraging Taiwan’s ICT and healthcare strengths, and connects those startups to the global market…

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Mar 22 - Reykjavík / Helsinki

Reykjavík / Helsinki

Nordic Health Hackathon – win €10.000 for the best solution

The Goals: 01 Demonstrate how easy it is to build sophisticated solutions if there is access to relevant data and teams. 02 Demonstrate decentralised personalized health solution created from accessible…

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Letter from Kaiku Health’s CEO: Flying to Mars – digital health interventions for personalised and value-based healthcare

Our western healthcare systems are facing tremendous challenges. First of all, patient numbers continue to grow. Europe's old-age dependency ratio (people +65 years old relative to those aged 15-64) is…

Health and wellbeing companies, take your businesses to next level and compete for 1 million euros!

Health and Wellbeing is the world’s biggest industry which grows over 5 percent per year. There is enormous demand for new innovative solutions from this business field both in Finland…

Smart Break grows towards international markets

Starting as an in-house start-up in Raisoft, a software and expert company in Kokkola/Finland, Smart Break is strongly targeting the international market. The networking and promotional trip to New York…

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