Santa 1 – HealthSPA 226


Santa 1 – HealthSPA 226

Every now and then we at HealthSPA can relate to Santa Claus. For him the highlight of the year is Christmas, for us it’s the Upgraded Life Festival. But unlike Santa, we actually keep busy throughout the year. Here is a little recap on what went on this year for those other 225 days while Santa was resting.


No good health innovation should be lost due to the lack of knowledge about it. That’s why we exist. We want to bring the best health solutions visible by making the health startups stand out, and by helping them to make the right connections. In addition to this, we want to pave the way for the immediate stakeholders and the society to be aware and welcoming for these solutions.

Our work serves all Finnish health and wellbeing startups and we hope to contribute making it easier to establish even more of them. At the same time, we have launched a special membership for those who want to stay closer with us, who want to actively contribute to the development of our services and who want to enjoy the highlighted visibility and special bargains. To join us for 2018, fill in your information here

Cross-Continental networks

While we are anxious to build a national network of health players, Finland is just not enough. To stay on the same pace with our startups who need to think ‘global’ from day one, we too must build our networks and program to match the international needs. Nordic Innovation – Health Export Task Force and the Medicon Valley collaboration have been important steps building the Nordic market. Beyond this we’ve been visible and brought delegations and program to Singapore, Barcelona, Berlin, Oslo, Copenhagen and London.

Our dream is to make HealthSPA the Finnish Embassy or ‘roadhouse’ of health startups and to make sure that like minded networks, partners and companies can find one another on our platform. If you share our dream, join us!

Tailored networking

There is a certain element of luck in old-school networking where right hands are expected to be shook by coincidence. Our projects this year have been sweeping away the element of luck and replacing it with tailored programs and events for right connections to happen.

TEKNObrings the startup technology and solutions visible for healthcare professionals and end users, ‘Spinning Pilots’ opened doors for living lab piloting opportunities for startups looking to gain references abroad, ‘HUS Findery’  and ‘Lääkäripäivät’ have connected health professionals with the innovation designed to ease or improve the hospital practices. At ‘SLUSH’ we contributed the dialogue with startups and the public ecosystem, and our own ‘Upgraded Life Talks’ -series and other member events have enabled the peer networking and co-learning. On the note of strategic networking, the increased presence of international investors at Upgraded Life Festival 2017  didn’t go unnoticed by health startups.

We are not doing this alone. Thank you to all our partners* for the collaboration and shared mileage this year! We look forward to growing together with you on 2018!


When our phone rings it might be the evening news, print media or an international affiliate asking for a list or insights of startups operating in a certain field. We love passing your information forward! To be able to do so, we’ve conducted a survey this year to get even more understanding of who is out there doing what and what are the things keeping them awake in the middle of a night.

As our survey revealed that there are some ambiguities with the supporting ecosystem around the health players, we picked up the mapping project to bring some clarity to the network. More about this and the results next year!

2018 teaser

Our theme for the next year’s Upgraded Life Festival is the ‘Relay Race of Health’. The sports analogue of running forward and simultaneously passing the baton for a team player running to the same direction is not only fitting on how we see the health industry should be working, but also how we see ourselves.

This year we’ve moved our offices twice, had some staff changes, and been working on a huge brand re-do to bring forth our organisation and philosophy. This all we’ve done to be ready to the new races ahead of us.

Though we are changing our name and face next year, we hope to stay close and familiar to you and to carry on building deeper and even more meaningful relationships together.

Thank you for the 2017 joy ride and Merry Christmas to you all!

And now. Over to you, Santa.


*Laurea, Metropolia, HUS, Uudenmaanliitto, Health Capital Helsinki, Helsinki Think Company, Posintra, Vantaan Invalidit

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